The Consultation

Since February 2019 we have been engaging with the local community to understand your aspirations for the site through various engagement events, including:

One-to-one meetings

Over 20 one-to-one meetings with local stakeholders and groups.

One-to-one meetings

3 street pop-up events where we met 124 people that passed by encompassing 8 different locations

Walk and Talk events

3 walk and talk events across 2 days which were attended by 32 people

Public Exhibition

Initial proposals for the Marian Place Gasholder site were shared at a Public Exhibition held over 3 days with 233 people in attendance.

Through these events we have had some interesting discussions and received valuable feedback about our proposals. Topics that have been raised include the retention of the Gasholders, housing, design, the canal front, public open spaces, sustainability, and safety.

We have reviewed all of the feedback received and this has influenced the design development and evolution of the proposals.

Pop-up event, February 2019

Walk and Talk event, April 2019

Public Exhibition event, May 2019